Gender in a Transnational World

Gender in a Transnational World - Rodolfo Solorzano NOTES...

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Women, Culture, and Society NOTES Sara Perryman Friday, January 22 Inderpal Grewal and Caren Kaplan, “ Introducing Women’s Studies : Gender in a Transnational World” Women’s studies in the United Stats look quite different now from its beginnings in the early 1970s. Internationalizing women’s studies does not mean focusing on the foreign, the strange, or exotic women in distant places. Nor does it mean failing to pay attention to women in the United States. Rather to begin to think more internationally means that we learn to make connections between the lives and culture of women in diverse places without reducing all women’s experiences into a “common culture”. Why are certain items in the news and others not? How does information reach us? What local and national influences shape our views the world we live in? European colonization created a difference between those who were seen as “barbaric” or “uncivilized” and those who believed themselves to be “civilized” and superior. Transnational , literally means moving across national borders. The transformation of national boundaries depends not only on political changes but also on economic and cultural shifts. The book is a place to begin the study of women and gender in a transnational world. There is much more to be said. This book should inspire us to add materials and bring our own interests and concerns to the introduction of women’s studies. All kinds of information about bodies, male and female, raced or classed or ethnicized, come from social or cultural sources. Identity is a crucial part of feminist analysis. Science and medical knowledge create powerful identities of gender, race, class, and ethnicity in the modern period. The points of view and the work of many women who have been marginalized or oppressed have been sought out and recovered. Robert J. C. Young, “
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Gender in a Transnational World - Rodolfo Solorzano NOTES...

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