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Exam3_review - Mercalli Intensity Scale Richter Scale...

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Planet Earth Exam 3 Review Metamorphism protolith Agents of Metamorphism (Heat, hydrothermal fluids, pressure) solid state diffusion Recyrstallization Differential Stress Preferred Orientation Paleostress indicator Ductile vs. Brittle Deformation Index Minerals Foliated Non-foliated Compositional banding Foliation and Cleavage Metaconglomerate Shale Slate Phyllite Schist Gneiss Migmatite Quartzite Marble Mylonite Grades of Metamorphism Environments of Metamorphism Contact Metamorphism Regional Metamorphism Earthquakes Seismic Risk Stages of an Earthquake Slip/displacement Focus/hypocenter Epicenter Fault Scarp Foot wall Hanging wall Normal fault Reverse fault Strike-Slip fault Elastic Rebound Theory Foreshocks Aftershocks Seismic Waves Body Waves Surface Waves P-waves S-waves Love waves Rayleigh waves Seismograph Triangulation
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Unformatted text preview: Mercalli Intensity Scale Richter Scale Seismic Moment Earthquake Hazards Liquefaction Tsunami Stress and Strain Orientation Strike and Dip Tensional Stress Compressional Stress Shear Stress Factors that affect deformation Faulting Folding Anticline Syncline Limbs Axial Plane Monocline Dome Basin Orogeny Orogenic Belt Crustal Roots Isostasy Erosion of Mountain Volcanic Island Arc Continental Volcanic Arc Continent-Continent Collision Continental Accretion Rift Mountains Appalachians Mountains Grenville Orogeny Tactonic Orogeny Acadian Orogeny Alleghenian Orogeny Fossil Fuels Coal Coal Formation Coal Extraction/Mining Oil shales Hydrocarbons Petroleum Oil and Gas Window Source Rock Oil Migration Oil Reservoir Traps and Seals Oil Exploration “Plays” Ores Ore deposit Ore formations Hydrothermal deposits Types of mines...
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