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Exam4_review - Beach Face Berm Summertime Beach Wintertime...

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Planet Earth Exam 4 Review The Water Cycle Streams Sheet Wash Downcutting Permanent Streams vs. Seasonal Streams Dendritic Drainage Radial Drainage Rectangular Drainage Catchment Region Watershed Stream Profile Base Level Stream Capture Antecedent Drainage Diverted Drainage Erosion by water Point Bar Cut Channel Floodplain Meandering Streams Dissolved Load Suspended Load Bed Load Braided Streams Alluvial Fans Deltas Lagoon Marsh Dunes Backshore Zone Intertidal Zone Nearshore Zone Offshore Zone
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Unformatted text preview: Beach Face Berm Summertime Beach Wintertime Beach Longshore Drift Barrier Islands Beach Erosion Shoreline Protection Groin and jetties Transgression Beach replenishment Bathymetry Ocean Trenches Continental Margins Continental Shelf Continental Slope Continental Rise Abyssal Plain Marine Sediments Surface Currents Deep Currents Coriolis Effect Thermohaline Circulation Groundwater Porosity Permeability Water Table Aquifer Confined Aquifer Unconfined Aquifer Springs Karst Topography...
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