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AFAM 10 Super (Complete) Study Guide - Af Am- Study Guide:...

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Af Am- Study Guide: List of Terms to Study Amber ****September 19, 24. The Nature of the Negro: Man or Beast Kristen**** September 26. Cultural Retentions: American or African Melusi *****October 1, 3. Which Way Freedom: Playing the Name Game Afkera *****October 10, 15. Protest or Accommodation Kim *****October 17, 22. Nationalism and Pan-Africanism versus Integration Jose and Dara *****October 24. Feminism versus Black Macho Erin *****October 29. Structure versus Agency and the Signifying Monkey Jamie ****October 31. Socialism or Capitalism Elizabeth and Jessica *****November 5. Gender or Race Sarah **** November 7. Sell-outs or Race Men and Women The Nature of the Negro: Man or Beast, September 19-24 (Prepared by Amber James) % Great chain of being: ladder structure that permeated philosophical, 18 th century enlightenment thought % God was at the top, then angels, then humans, then the subdivisions of humans: Europeans, Asians, brown people then red people, then beneath them the distinctions of animals began, with Africans on the next step and apes beneath them % Mentality was used to justify slavery by deeming Africans “subhuman” % David Hume % Great enlightenment thinker who argued a polygenesis theory that there were different species of human, and all were inferior to the European % Immanuel Kant % Another great enlightenment philosopher. Argued that Negroes were ignoble savages with no deep thoughts or feelings, while Native Americans were noble savages with valor, etc.
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% No matter how brilliant the comment a negro makes, it must be stupid because all negroes are stupid and incapable of higher thinking % Thomas Jefferson: % Argued that the difference between Europeans and Africans was fixed in nature, and that there was no gap between Africans and monkeys. % Because they are inherently inferior, Africans need not be emancipated % Morgan Gotwick % Maybe not a key figure, but just in case, he defended negromanhood and argued that Africans were men in their form and shape and members, and they had the same faculties as men % Ralph Waldo Emerson % Ideas are the only elements of a people that can save them % Without ideas (i.e. reading and writing) the negro man cannot be admitted to the human family % A nation must warrant admittance into the roundtable of man. Essentially prove themselves to be a nation of men and not animals % The burden of the Africans % Benjamin Bannecker % Fought Emerson’s claims by demonstrating Africans were capable of literacy % Along with others, such as Wheatly, Jacobus Capetein, Francis Williams, Sancho, etc wrote to indict slavery, prove humanness % Through the slave narrative, Africans moved from the object to the subject % Phillis Wheatly: % African slave girl who was a genius poet by the age of 7 % Mot famous African in the world, all the great minds of the age came to see her, including Benjamin Franklin % In 1772 there was a conference with all of the great American politicians, such as John Hancock, Thomas Hutchinson, etc. who got together to
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AFAM 10 Super (Complete) Study Guide - Af Am- Study Guide:...

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