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Study Guide for SOC/WST 340 fall 10 Exam 1 (October 6) Note: This is not a comprehensive list of the concepts to know for the exam. Please use this as a guide through the reading and lecture notes as you prepare. Lecture and film to follow at 8: 25 in Harr 137 (Exam ends at 8:15) 1) How are mortality (life expectancy, infant and maternal) and morbidity rates affected by social factors? 2) Be familiar with the film, “The Miracle of Birth” and some of the major points made in the film and in class regarding pregnancy and contraception. 3) What is the perspective of the physician/author in “Maternity Care in Crisis”? 4) What are the major distinctions between and among the three (time) periods in American Childbirth? 5) How does culture affect our mating choices? Be familiar with the term Social
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Unformatted text preview: Propinquity. 6) What social and ecomomic factors contribute to changes in rates of fertility? 7) What are the key features of the Sub-Saharan (African) farming system? (Will be discussed in class on 9/29) 8) What have been some of the factors leading to divorce (and increased divorce rates) in the US? 9) What is meant by the term “agency” in discussing women in the reading “Determinants of Gender Equity?” (Will address in lecture on 9/29) 10) What are some of the advantages to arranged marriages? 11) What are some of the advantages of a birth attended by a Nurse Midwife? 12) What does the term “youth bulge” mean? (Reading on MENA)...
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