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Fall 2010 Exam 2 Study Guide - Sociology of Human...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology of Human Reproduction Exam 2 - Study Guide 1) What is meant by the term Patriarchal Risk? 2) What are the core differences between the groups surveyed in the research for Motherhood and Morality? 3) What kinds of explanations did the moms have for their children's deaths in the piece "Six Feet Under..."? 4) Why did Leila agree to the demands of her mother-in-law? 5) What led to the violence that Souad experienced as a young woman? 6) What are the social conditions that allow for female infanticide? 7) How can you explain the acceptance of son preference--even by women? 8) What did the birth permission agreement have to do with the One Child Policy in China? 9) Be familiar with the discussion of domestic violence (in the US) and some of the unique features of violence between partners [discussed in the film and by Rachel Kalish .] 10) Why are young girls (as orphans) in Zimbabwe, more at risk for contracting HIV or AIDS compared to orphaned boys there? 11) When it comes to the issue of Abortion-- and reproductive control more broadly-- where are men figured in these issues? (lecture 11/03) 12) How has Politics shaped the Abortion Debate? (lecture 11//03) ...
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