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Notes Soc. 340 10/6/2010 I. Movie: Leila , 1996 Iranian movie directed by Dariush Mehrjui. a. Main characters: i. Leila: protagonist; marries man she loves, unable to conceive ii. Reza: Leila’s husband; affectionate; claims to not want a child. iii. Reza’s mother: insists Reza must have a child (specifically, a son)- continually harasses Leila and insists that Leila should allow Reza to take another wife. b. General plot: i. Reza and Leila get married, lead an apparently blissful life ii. After trying to conceive, the couple visits a doctor and, after many tests (tries hormones, herbal remedies, etc.), it is confirmed that
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Unformatted text preview: Leila cannot have a child. 1. Visit adoption facility, where Leila says that the children seem strange to her iii. Leila feels guilty, her guilt is increased after her mother-in-law calls and visits incessantly, insisting that Reza must have a child. Suggests that Reza should take another wife iv. Leila concedes, and tries to convince Reza that he should take another wife v. Reza begins visits (arranged by his mother and aunt) to the houses of other women-jokes about how unfit they are and how bizarre the situation is with Leila....
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