Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-3

Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-3 - Soc 340 Abortion where are...

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Soc 340 11/3/2010 Abortion: where are the men? This Common Secret article, is a required reading, but wasn’t properly aligned in the first syllabus. Make sure it is read for exam 2. Abortion- Views of abortion are socially constructed- Politics, religious, viewpoints on abortion are not constant. In the way in, our perception shifts by what is happening in society and it not always the same. Study women and men and how they see themselves with equality. Couples were seen as well off. Women thought the decision-making power of money was shared and then when men were asked a smaller percentage thought that the decisions of finances were shared. Thus, someone is hiding is hiding something. Motherhood morality- Prolife- Faith more central Motherhood is and should be central prochoice- higher education Have higher status positions in workplace Make more money Motherhood is one of other parts of identity- not central- wants choices Most Americans want abortion legal, safe, but rare. Abortion is a… Politically charged issue- republicans can be prochoice and dems can be prolife- Religiously charged issue- some religious position believe that the government takes unethical stance on abortion, meaning that some religions believe that abortion should be illegal. Social and economic issue- in the south, women of color were allowed to have abortions when whites were not. Medical issue- physicians are the only ones who are allowed to terminate pregnancy.
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However, not all schools teach doctors how to perform about( about 50% do), Who among these institutions who has the most power? Women had the most power when Roe Vs. Wade was passed in January 1973-
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Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-3 - Soc 340 Abortion where are...

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