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Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-10

Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-10 - community In 1973 Shettles...

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18/11/2010 22:46:00 Sociology of Human Reproduction 11/10/10 Exam II View film  Test Tube Babies o One hour documentary, tells the story of doctors, researchers, and hopeful  couples who pushed the limits of science and triggered a technological  revolution in human reproduction. o When the first human egg was fertilized in a lab in 1944, the news spread  like wildfire; the press quickly coined the term “test tube baby.” Many  Americans were horrified.  o Many feared deformed children might result; many had ethical questions  o One scientist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, Dr. Landrum  Shettles did pioneering research but was outside of the mainstream, and  did his research without the support of the hospital or the larger medical 
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Unformatted text preview: community In 1973, Shettles agrees to try and help the Del-Zios conceive While waiting for the egg to become fertilized, hospital staff destroy the sperm and egg of the Del-Zios without their permission (because they believed Shettles was behaving unethically) Del-Zios sue the hospital and are awarded minor compensation o In 1978, Britain had its first ‘test tube baby’ born-Louise Brown. She was healthy, fit, and photogenic-the world began to accept that IVF could help many couples conceive, and was perhaps less dangerous than many had previously thought o...
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