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Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-17

Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-11-17 - 22:32:00 Sociology of...

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18/11/2010 22:32:00 Sociology of Human Reproduction 11/17/10 3 rd Parties in Reproduction Surrogates Next week (11/24) NO CLASS - Extra-creditopportunity available (CheckBB) Can also use for upper-division writingrequirement Begin Section 3 of course Test Tube Babies Recap of Film Ultimately we wind up accepting IVF as a legitimate way to acquire a child Britain wasthe first to successfully use IVF, not United States o In 1978, Britain has 1 st IVF baby-Louise Brown ( US was in 1981, baby girl named Elizabeth Carr) Dr.Shettles Pioneered idea of in vitro, but it was unethical at the time, especially within the constraints of a conservative hospital (Columbia Hospital, NYC). People thought that science was moving too fast Negative reaction from the public at first Then, in 1978, the public saw that British baby Louise Brown was not deformed in any way, and people start to think that maybe this isn’t so horrible Assisted Reproduction (Third Party Reproduction) What happens when society/individuals have a high degree of control over childbirth and pregnancy? We want the control over reproduction, the ability to postpone it, the ability to make decisions about our own fertility
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