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Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-12-1 (2) - SOC 340 12/01/10 Men...

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SOC 340 12/01/10 Men and Fertility - not a lot of research done on men’s fertility/ infertility o even though 42% of infertility issues are due to men’s infertility - usually think if it as a problem due to the women - today more research is taking place over seas o if we understand men better, we can prepare men better also - unlike men women are heavily involved in reproductive health- OBGYN o men are not as involved as they should be - Reading : Dropping Sperm Counts – a Danish study o See a drop in sperm count and in the motility of sperm o Due to perhaps changes in nutrition hormones environmental factors - When a couple is infertile why do we not look at the men first? o We still have the idea that pregnancy is a woman’s thing However the case maybe that the man can be the problem Sub fertility- not infertile, but not as peak capacity to be fertile o Due to – Weight- obesity can affect testosterone Drug and alcohol Depression Age o Age- a Swedish study-
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When men are older and father children there seems to be a connection to ADHD and autism Men over the age of 50 who father children- have increased chance of miscarriage Men are playing a much bigger role in reproduction than we have previously known - Book: Exposing Men o Men who become affected by environmental factors
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Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-12-1 (2) - SOC 340 12/01/10 Men...

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