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Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-12-8

Soc 340 Class Notes 2010-12-8 - SOC 340 Studies show that...

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SOC 340 12/8/10 Studies show that beef consumption during pregnancy lowers sperm count in sons Adoption - permanent legal transfer of parental rights o public and private adoptions o Domestic and international Most popular countries for international: China, Russia and Korea=> “sending nations” Benefits of “sending nations” -children tend to come younger -less time to adopt them most countries require a heterosexual, 2-person household to adopt China- did not require that, but in most recent years realized that that could mean homosexual couples adopting. o Do you have a problem with Americans adopting outside of the US? there are many children in the US that need a home Exploitation of the mothers in other countries The power of adoption is split between: birth mother, adoptive family, and adoption facilitators…the child is left out Speaker-Stacy Trebing Diamond Black Fan Anemia -Katie (daughter, second child) was diagnosed at 3 months
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