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1/7/08 Small Scale Systems: Band Society: Ju hoansi (100s) Tribal Society: Lakota (10,000s) Large Scale/Centralized Systems: Chiefdom: Polynesians, Hawaiians State Subculture/State: Rasta Groups we focus on: Ju hoansi (Richard Lee), Lakota (Grobsmith), Rasta (Lewis) *Key Existential Question: Why did we “evolve” from small to large-scale society, and what have lost/gained in the bargain?
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Unformatted text preview: Loaded words: “Culture” & “Globalization” Culture: Shared , serves the function of creating order, peace, control over environment (think OCD); learned (not innate); adaptive; integrative- pieces of culture overlap (Protestantism/Capitalism: focus on individual); symbolic (language, art, ritual objects- flag); *Nacirema (American bathroom patterns (teeth brushing, etc)...
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