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HMWK - am going to buy Moreover the stores in Little Five...

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1. If you had to buy new clothes for summer, at which store would be your first choice to shop? a. List and describe at two specific reasons why you prefer that store. I normally buy clothes, for all seasons, in a store call Hippo in Bogota, Colombia. I do so because I think the store offers an excellent quality on every product as well as offering innovative designs. Moreover, prices, compared to any store in the United States, are extremely low (around 40 to 50% less). b. Identify the primary competitor to this store. Based on my shopping experience, I found that Hippo has few competitors in the United States, most of them being online stores. There are a couple of stores in Little Five Points, but they don’t offer as much variety of products and their prices are really high compared to Hippo’s prices. c. Why did you not choose that store? The main reason is because I don’t like to shop online since I cannot try the clothes that I
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Unformatted text preview: am going to buy. Moreover, the stores in Little Five Points don’t offer the same quality and the prices are high that the store I usually buy clothe on. 2. Your friends offer to take you to dinner to celebrate your first day of Mgt 3200. They let you pick the restaurant. What is your selection? a. List and describe at two specific reasons why you pick that restaurant. I would pick World Peace Café in Sandy Springs. I like this restaurant because it offers a variety of vegetarian dishes. Also, World Peace Café donates parts of its revenues to teaching Buddhism and meditation around the metro Atlanta area. b. Is this restaurant the closest one to your residence? If not, why not go there? Since it is the only restaurant around the metro Atlanta area I will say it is the closest one to my residence. However, if I look for similar vegetarian based restaurants it is, still, the closest one to my house....
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