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HMWK - 1 Select a product or service(or combination...

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1. Select a product or service (or combination) something that you (or your family) owns/uses that you consider to be of very high quality. Identify the product/service. a. Specifically identify why you consider it to be of high quality. The product that I selected is a KitchenAid combination oven. I chose the combination oven as a high quality product first because of its warranty (5 years), because kitchenAid is known for providing high quality products, and finally because of the way it works. We have had this oven for the past three years and we haven’t had any problem with it. Moreover, the oven works stupendously; it is fast, easy to use, and it cooks, bakes, and broils really well. b. Can you find evidence (e.g., on-line reviews) of others supporting (or disagreeing with) your views? According to the online review at http://www.ajmadison.com/cgi- bin/ajmadison/KEHU309SSS.html the oven is rated 4.3 over five. Moreover, other evidences (by family members who have the oven) agree on the fact that this oven has an excellent quality. I look online, but I couldn’t find any review or web page that disagrees
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