THR 101 Study Guide - THR 101 Study Guide 05/10/2010...

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Unformatted text preview: THR 101 Study Guide 05/10/2010 17:56:00 ← Improv Games: • Opposites Exercise: Give good or bad news, person must respond the opposite way • Question Game: Conversation must consist of questions only • Conducted Storybook: 5-6 people get in line and tell a story, one person says part of story then another person is pointed to • Sound and Story: Two people sit back to back in chairs, one person tells story the other throws in sound effects • Hitchhiker: Hitchhiker gets into car, everyone in car must have same attitude • Stand Up, Sit Down, Lie Down: At all times one person must be doing each • Yes And: Person A attempts to be doing something, Person B says something irrelevant and Person A makes an excuse for it • One Two Three Four: Changing situations • Historical Perspective: 3 Participants o One person picks historic event, the other two perform a scene about it • Story Exchange: Switch stories ← Objective/Tactic/Obstacle: I want to seduce her by charm but I can’t because I have a girlfriend PowerPoint: • Greek Theatre: o Has influenced many of our current theatre practices o Was introduced to cultures during the years of the Roman Republic and especially during the Roman Empire o More in the ground, orchestra, skene, parody o Circle stage in the center that they acted around o Built on a hill side o The center circle is the orchestra o 5 main characters plus a chorus: a group of people who witness what happened in the store o • Roman Theatre: o...
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THR 101 Study Guide - THR 101 Study Guide 05/10/2010...

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