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How do people attain their position in a stratification system? 1. Interpret occupational (and wealth) outflow and occupational (and wealth) inflow tables. Outflow mobility table tells us: how much movement there is between father and son’s occupation. We read it horizontally. Inflow: tells us the class origins. It tells us greater social cohesion (farmers). We read it vertically. Discuss how mobility has changed in the US in the last 50 years. Discuss why the study of mobility is important. Describe the (1) Blau and Duncan and (2) Wisconsin models of status attainment. Discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Explain why mobility occurs. Discuss why and how socialization has an impact on children’s achievement, educational attainment, and occupational attainment. Define social capital and explain who has greater access to it. Define both strong and weak ties. Define a “bridge.” Explain several of the ways that people get jobs: how do weak ties and bridges function in job searches? More generally, how does social capital function in ensuring access to desired
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