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Mental Disorders - Kamille Pickens SOCY 4168 Discussion...

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Kamille Pickens SOCY 4168 January 28, 2012 Discussion: Chapters 2 & 3 Several factors play a vital role when determining whether an individual has an mental disorder, or just in a great deal of distress. Monetary availability is one of these factors. Since full diagnostic interviews by clinicians are too expensive, a substandard technique has been developed to determine the mental state. As with any standardized measure, someone gets inadequately labeled. With the diagnostic measures that are currently being implemented, if it fails to recognize the difference between a mental disorder, and stress from normal life situations, an individual can be incorrectly diagnosed. Additionally, everyone responds differently to stressors. This could lead to a misdiagnosis of someone who is experiencing a more substantial amount of distress from a stressor; say the death of a pet, than most people would. Now that the problem is evident, one must consider solutions. The question becomes whether there is a feasible one in this situation.
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