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Marriages - Kamille Pickens Socy 4168 Reading Response...

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Kamille Pickens Socy 4168 March 20, 2012 Reading Response: Chapters 13 and 16 More progressive and accepting times have lessened the negative impact of divorce, and increased the acceptance of different types of families. These bot have positive impacts on the mental health of the individuals involved such as gay/lesbian couples, single-parent families, and cohabitants due to the fact that they are not as pressured by society to live as traditionally as in the past. Decades ago, marriage was not really accepted by society, and this still holds true for some people today. If was frowned upon, and those who chose to go their separate ways were viewed as having something wrong with them. Therefore the divorce rates were significantly less in the 1970s than they are today. With society being more accepting of divorce, which is relatively common now, individuals who are not happy in their marriage are more likely to exit without a substantial amount of repercussions from others. Back in the 1950s, a housewife with a husband who was an infidel was likely to stay, no matter the level of distress.
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