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1/30/08 N!ai: Why did she go along with the arranged marriage? Too young Rebellious personality Still marries, but taunts her husband- sleeps around Nore: Family Domain Their hunting/gathering “turf” – but not owned Resides/exploits same area annually Almost always “owned” by a brother-sister duo Has the right to say no to someone asking to use your nore o No one ever does- equivalent to suicide “State is defined by its ability to control the use of force” When conflict arises, each state has an agency to handle internal conflict Ju hoansi – no police of any kind o Admonishing: Storytelling, chiding, joking to teach better behavior
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Unformatted text preview: o Ridicule: Inuit use choreographed, organized ridicule to defuse situations : Allows people to vent without fighting o Ostracism – remove someone from their midst : Potential death sentence (Inuit, Ojibwa) o Capital Punishment: to keep feuds from occurring : Out of control feuds can tear a band level society apart Windigo Psychosis (think Wendigo) • Cannabalistic • Saw people (literally) as animals, edible • Capital Punishment o Accusation of cannabalism – never actually happened : Think Salem witch trials • Really about social conflict: property...
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