exam 1.09 - NAME __________________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME __________________________________ Chemistry 201, 2009 Examination #1 (50 minutes - 100 Points) Please check that your exam has a different set of problems on every page (four pages). Please write your name clearly at the top of each page. If you attach extra pages, write your name on these too and staple them to the exam (stapler is located at front of room). Please read the following ground rules . This exam is closed book, closed homework, and closed notes. All work must be performed by each student working independently. You may use a molecular model kit, but you may not share assembled models with other students. Calculators and periodic tables are not permitted. You may ask the instructor questions during the exam to confirm that problems have been correctly and clearly stated. You may also ask for hints, but these will be accompanied by modest point deductions so do this only if you are truly lost. You may begin. NAME __________________________________ 1. ( 42 points ) Rank the compounds in each group according to the property specified (note: you just have to...
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exam 1.09 - NAME __________________________________...

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