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BUS 210 WEEK 3 DQ1

BUS 210 WEEK 3 DQ1 - the adverse reactions It was unethical...

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To me the ephedra scenario was very personal and interesting. I took stacker 3 with ephedra for three years and became dependent on it. I lost 50 pounds in two months. I was also very devastated when the FDA banned ephedra products in the United States. Ethically speaking it the FDA did the right thing by banning the product. The maker Metabolife did not concern itself with customer complaints regardless of Metabolife product related deaths. The company wanted to keep selling the product because it was a good moneymaker, and the brand saw a good profit. Even a greater profit after the ban was first lifted and consumers, like me, were buying the product regardless of learning of
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Unformatted text preview: the adverse reactions. It was unethical for Metabolife to hide the complaints and negative facts about their product from the FDA, but I believe that, like any other business, the company wanted to keep a profit. It was smart from the Metabolife to agree to remove ephedra products because the company is still in business and is still selling weight loss related products. On a personal note I like to say that people take advantage of over the counter drugs and abuse them. So many people die from over the counter drugs, so why does the FDA not ban them?...
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