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BUS 210 WEEk 3 DQ2 - homebuilder sold hundreds of homes but...

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The need to create laws is to protect everyone involved. In business, the law not only protects the business owners, employees, and investors but also the clients. Ethics are different from the law because ethics show the moral principles and beliefs of a person; where the law is enforce by the government and include punishments and consequences. The law can change though just like societies ethical beliefs. Laws and ethics are also similar due to both set certain guidelines to protect all individuals involved. I used to work for a National Home Builder here in Sarasota. In 2005 thru 2007 the
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Unformatted text preview: homebuilder sold hundreds of homes, but about 80% of the homes sold had the Chinese drywall! Since I worked in the closing department, I only heard the end of it but I found out that the builder kept on ordering the dangerous drywall because it was cheaper that “normal” drywall. It seemed like the builder did not really care that the people, who bought the homes, got sick and had to pay out of pocket to fix “our” mistake. So just to save some money, the builder got hundreds of people sick! Shortly after the story broke I decided to quit my job instead of being laid off....
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