BUS 210 WEEK 5 DQ1

BUS 210 WEEK 5 DQ1 - business that need to be dealt with...

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Any form of business communication is an art form, in my opinion. Many business people communicate in the wrong way to try to achieve a certain task or solve a particular problem in the business world. Though letters, memos, and emails can send out a lot of information, not many people respond to them in a timely manner. For that reason, communication through the written word is not very persuasive but in my eyes an important step because letters, memos, and emails do make people in the working environment aware that there are things in the
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Unformatted text preview: business that need to be dealt with. The best way to be persuasive in a business, one should talk face-to-face with the person or persons one would like to complete the task or just relay information regarding the business so all parties involved are on the same page. When conveying information in person, one can see the body language, which is very important. Body language and facial expressions tell how people feel, if they understand the problem, or if the subject seems boring and uninteresting....
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