BUS 210 WEEK 5 DQ2

BUS 210 WEEK 5 DQ2 - In august of 2006 the new president...

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I believe that every person who is employed by a company has dealt with one form of political tactic or another. One tactic I have experienced at my former workplace, in early 2006, was the “reduce- uncertainty and use-objective-information” tactic. We used to have a company breakfast every three months; to keep us posted and informed on goals met, our parent company, etc. To our surprise at one breakfast, the presidents of our company and the parents company announced that we would be merging into one. For the next few months after that announcement, I saw coworker after coworker, friend after friend get laid off from the company.
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Unformatted text preview: In august of 2006 the new president announced that the lay offs were over and that we were the “crème de la crème”. He reduced the uncertainty tremendously and explained in great detail why the lay offs happened the way they did and what the future goals were for the company. I believe the management team used this tactic to gain trust and commitment from the employees. If an employee is uncertain about keeping a job due to economic reason, and the uncertainty is lowered because the manager takes his or her time to explain why, the manager is ethical and gains a lot of trust from his or her employees and coworkers....
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