BUS 210 WEEK 7 DQ2

BUS 210 WEEK 7 DQ2 - review is adequate for a raise or not...

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I work in the Human Resource department of a medium sized company and my manager has asked me to brainstorm won ways to improve the performance appraisal and feedback within the company. My suggestion is that in order to improve the review process, I would like to see the employees complete an on-line review for themselves and than have a meeting with their manager to complete a in length and proper review of the employees accomplishments. By the employees being an active part in their own review and appraisal, he or she can see if their own
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Unformatted text preview: review is adequate for a raise or not. I believe that this suggestion, on ways to improve the performance appraisal and feedback, would have impact the business in a positive way, because the employees would feel more included in their own performance review aspect. I believe that once the employees realize what is involved in the reviewing process, and that bonuses or raises may be at stake, they will be more motivated to accomplish to the goals set and/or even bypass them....
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