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CHAPTER REVIEW You can use this document as a review after reading a chapter for the lab manual. This document  is  not  exhaustive. I may have left out some aspects of the lab, so it is imperative that you read the  manual before attempting to answer these questions. THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION:  1. Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. 2. Tenets of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.  3. Equations of allelic and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. 4. Problems based on these two equations.  5. Genotype which determines the ability to taste PTC and other chemicals.  6. Malaria and sickle gene and the relation between them.  7. What   is   the   genotype   responsible   for   resistance   against   Malaria?   How   does   offer 
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Unformatted text preview: resistance? What about other genotypes? 8. Where malarial control funds should be spent? How do you determine which city should get the funding? On what basis? Does funding have to do anything with the concentration of the anopheles mosquito? 9. What were the results of the electrophoresis experiment? What does the position of the bands tell you about the genotype? 10.What happened to the sickle cell gene if there was no malaria present or if malaria was wiped out? 11.Discuss the two kinds of genetic drift. 12.Why do deleterious alleles persist? 13.How do recessive deleterious alleles hide out in the genotype?...
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