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chapter review 4 - the gametophyte and sporophyte 13 What...

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CHAPTER REVIEW You can use this document as a review after reading a chapter for the lab manual. This document  is  not  exhaustive. I may have left out some aspects of the lab, so it is imperative that you read the  manual before attempting to answer these questions. PLANT DIVERSITY I : 1. In which organisms is the shift from isogamy to oogamy seen for the first time? 2. In which organism do you see a large cup-shaped chloroplast? 3. How do chlamydomonas reproduce asexually? 4. How do Spirogyra reproduce asexually? 5. What are zygospores and how are they formed? 6. How are colonies of Volvox held together? 7. What is alternation of generation? What is the sporophyte and gametophyte stages?  8. What is blade, thallus and basal holdfast?  9. Where are the gametangia located in Chara?  10. What is Sporopollenin?  11. An example for homologous trait in charophytes? 12. How are the gametophyte and the sporophyte formed? What is the relationship between 
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Unformatted text preview: the gametophyte and sporophyte? 13. What are rhizoids? 14. What is the archegonia and where is it located in mosses? 15. What is dioecious? 16. What is the structure of the mature sporophyte of moss? 17. What is the operculum and peristomal teeth? How does peristomal teeth control spore relaese? 18. What is the difference between homospory and heterospory? 19. What is vascular tissue? 20. What is the relationship between fronds and stolons? 21. What is the difference between rhizomes and stolons? 22. What is sori and what is the difference between sori and sporangia? 23. What is prothallus? 24. Where are the antheridia and archegonia located on the prothallus? 25. What is the annulus and how does it help in spore release?...
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chapter review 4 - the gametophyte and sporophyte 13 What...

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