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chapter review 5 - 9 What is an ovuliferous scale 10 What...

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CHAPTER REVIEW You can use this document as a review after reading a chapter for the lab manual. This document  is  not  exhaustive. I may have left out some aspects of the lab, so it is imperative that you read the  manual before attempting to answer these questions. PLANT DIVERSITY II:  1. What is the difference between gymnosperms and angiosperms?  2. What is the advantage of angiosperms over gymnosperms? 3. What is heterospory? What is the difference between microsproes and megaspores?  4. What are strobili? What are the two kinds of stobili?  5. What is the difference between pollination and fertilization? 6. What about females cones in Gingko?  7. What does the venation pattern of Gingkos represent?  8. What are staminate and ovulate? 
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is an ovuliferous scale? 10. What is a megaspore? 11. What is an integument? 12. Where does the megagametophyte get its nutrients from? 13. What are the products of double fertilization in Gnetophytes? How do they differ from double fertilization in angiosperms? 14. How does pollination occur in Gnetophytes? 15. What does the perianth consist of? 16. What is the calyx and corolla? 17. What are stamens and pistils made up of? 18. What are the ovules attached to? 19. How is the egg formed? 20. What is a megagametophyte? 21. What is the relationship between microsporangia and microspores? 22. What is a pollen tube? 23. How is the embryo protected? 24. What happens in double fertilization?...
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chapter review 5 - 9 What is an ovuliferous scale 10 What...

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