Terminology - Plant Diversity I&2

Terminology - Plant Diversity I&2 - TERMINOLOGY...

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TERMINOLOGY 1. GAMETE – A reproductive cell that contains a haploid set of chromosomes. 2. ISOGAMOUS – Male and female gametes look alike. 3. OOGAMOUS – Male and female gametes appear different. 4. ZYGOTE – A cell in fertilized state following fertilization of haploid female sex cell with a haploid male sex cell. 5. FRAGMENTATION - the separation of a parent plant into parts that re-form whole plants; one of the most common modes of vegetative reproduction 6. ZYGOSPORE - algal or fungal spore: a thick-walled sexual spore formed from the union of two gametes in some fungi and green algae 7. GAMETOPHYTE – A plant, or a phase of a plant’s life cycle that bears gametes. 8. SPOROPHYTE – Spore producing plant generation. The dominant generation in higher plants and alternates with gametophyte generation. 9. ANTHERIDIA – In algae, structures that contain sperms. In plants, multicellular male structures where gametes are form. 10. ARCHEGONIA – Multicellular structures in plants where female gametes form.
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Terminology - Plant Diversity I&2 - TERMINOLOGY...

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