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Anthony Musso Professor Peterson Expository Writing 101:DP Close Reading 20 January 2012 Inside the mind of a Criminals Criminal behavior is something the law enforcement must face with every single day. Special teams within the force are created especially to identify criminal reasoning behind a crime, and try to predict their next move before its made. Many have tried to determine criminal behavior in simple terms. Malcolm Gladwell, in “The Power of Context”, explains several tests conducted to try and reason out why people act the way they do. He includes a specific crime within the 1980’s that complicates two ideas of criminology. One idea of stunted psychological development proposed by psychologists as the main reasoning of criminal activity. The other being the Theory of Broken Windows, which simply means that, the environment affects the behavior of people, especially criminals. The Broken Window Theory should not affect our understanding of criminal behavior simply because criminal behavior is a subject of the mind and that is never completely understood. Many can say they know why something was done, but it will never be proven true unless the criminal himself explains his reasoning and even some criminals don’t know why they acted the way they did. Psychologists have attempted plenty of times to try and get into the minds of
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Close Reading - Anthony Musso Professor Peterson Expository...

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