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Enviornment Stimulants, Essay 1 - Anthony Musso Professor...

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Anthony Musso Professor Peterson Expository Writing 101:DP Essay 1 : Rough Draft 27 January 2012 Environmental Stimulants Criminal behavior has been the topic of discussion for federal agents as well as local police officers for several years. Many have tried to determine criminal behavior in simple terms, as it is crucial because it may very well save a life. Malcolm Gladwell, in “The Power of Context”, explains several experiments conducted to try and reason out why people act the way they do. He includes a specific crime within the 1980’s that complicates two ideas of criminology. An idea of stunted psychological development proposed by psychologists has always seemed to get the most attention within crime cases. A more recent theory, Theory of Broken Windows, has gotten more attention within investigations and has even been said to be a cause of the major crime cleanup of the 90’s. The Broken Windows Theory simply means that, the environment affects the behavior of people, in this case especially criminals. However, environment cannot be the absolute reason that crimes are committed. People think they have the answers, and in their minds they might, but that’s the key phrase, in their mind. The human mind can never be put into simple terms. There is never just a simple answer when discussing the human mind and the way it functions. The Power of Context restricts people to see the full truth, they are merely viewing a situation on its surface but there is just so much more to uncover underneath it all. Psychologists continue studies of getting into the minds of criminals. Criminals, from a psychologist’s point of view, fit a certain stereotype. “Psychiatrists talk about
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criminals as people with stunted psychological development, people who have had pathological relationships with their parents, who lack adequate role models” (Gladwell 159). Bernie Goetz, involved in the shooting on December 22, 1984, ironically enough satisfied all the requirements of the stereotypical criminal. “His father was a strict disciplinarian with a harsh temper, and Goetz was often the focus of his father’s rage” (Gladwell 158). The 4 victims that were shot also had extensive criminal records. So is this the case of revenge or wrong place at the wrong time? Goetz potentially might have
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Enviornment Stimulants, Essay 1 - Anthony Musso Professor...

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