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Anthony Musso Professor Peterson Expository Writing 101: DP Essay 3: Rough Draft 9 March 2012 Learn to live; Live to learn One’s character is usually defined as their actions, morals, behaviors, and habits. Each person has a different character that makes them who they are. But people, especially young children, have a general basis of who they are because of schooling. The Power of Context, written by Malcom Gladwell, expresses that character is not gradually acquired; rather our true character is affected at moment’s time dependent on the environment around us. Where as Susan Faludi writes in her essay, The Naked Citadel, that schools are the reasons for our character. But maybe most intriguing of all is Jean Twenge’s argument that schools are teaching our children a character trait that is possibly harmful for future success, self-esteem, as she write in her essay, An Army of One: Me. Primary schools are not as important in our development as many believe. It is true that as children, we learn the basics of life. We learn about life and who we really over time with the environment playing a major factor in who we become. As young children, our minds act as a sponge. Everything we see or hear is instilled in the brain. From kindergarten to about grade 2 is the time our schools teach us how to enjoy life and play. Thereafter children begin to mold into a basis of who they are. But around the age of 17, the once playful young children are now older and can begin making decisions on their own. In the Naked Citadel, every college freshman was like a clean slate. They were all intelligent and strong-minded. The moment they entered the school however, they were stripped of their identity. “From the moment I stepped onto
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the school’s campus, I had……… whose singular mission was ‘making men’ (Faludi 79). “Making men”, the school’s militaristic views most certainly made these boys manly, but the system under which it was run may have shaped the lives of these men forever. “There’s ‘Senior Rip off Day’, a spring rite in which the hundred seniors literally rip each
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essay 3 - Anthony Musso Professor Peterson Expository...

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