Cloud Computing - a.i.2.c.i. Why? a.i.2.d. Dependency on...

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Cloud Computing 1) What is it? a. Its about information technology. b. Its called cloud computing because the data and applications live on a “cloud” of Web servers. 2) What is it, really? a. Enables convenient, on-demand access to computing resources: a.i. Networks, servers, storage a.ii. Applications a.iii. Services 3) What is it to YOU? a. Email a.i. Gmail account? ScarletMail account? a.i.1. Advantages? a.i.1.a. Facilities collabrotive working a.i.1.a.i. How? a.i.1.b. No need for local data storage a.i.1.b.i. Why not? a.i.1.c. No need to download applications a.i.1.c.i. An example? a.i.1.d. Accessible from an computer a.i.1.d.i. Any problems, (internet connection failure) a.i.1.e. Leveling playing field for small, medium, and larger companies a.i.2. Disadvantages? a.i.2.a. Security a.i.2.a.i. Why? (Where is it? Who can see it?) a.i.2.b. Privacy a.i.2.b.i. Why? (Where is it? Who can see it?) a.i.2.c. Loss of Data
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Unformatted text preview: a.i.2.c.i. Why? a.i.2.d. Dependency on power and internet connection b. Allows for collaboration b.i. How? -> Sharing c. Allow for data Storage c.i. Examples? -> Internet storing d. Provides virtual office apps d.i. Google Docs. 4) Services offered a. SAAS a.i. Software as a Service a.ii. Applications (existing) a.iii. Example: google docs b. PAAS b.i. Platform as a Service b.ii. Offers components to build something: May include things like database management and security. b.iii. Users create the applications rapidly at low cost. b.iv. Example: Google App Engine c. IAAS c.i. Infrastructure as a Service c.ii. Includes the system services that make up the foundation layer of the cloud: the offering of computer power and storage on demand. c.iii. Example: Amazon Web Services d.
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Cloud Computing - a.i.2.c.i. Why? a.i.2.d. Dependency on...

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