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Scratch 1) A free programing language a) Easy to create interactive: a.i) Stories a.ii) Games a.iii) Animations 2) 3) Scratch projects contain SPRITES a) Change how a sprite looks – costumes b) Change sprite to look like a person, animal, plane or anything else c) Draw an image in the paint editor, import an image from your hard disk, or drag in an image from a website.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Scratch Instructions a) Instruct your sprite, telling to move or play music or react to other sprites. To tell a sprite what to do, you snap together graphic blocks into stacks , called scripts. b) When you click on a script, Scratch runs the blocks from the top of the script to the bottom. c) Stage is 480 pixels horizontally, and 360 pixels vertically....
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