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Quiz1PracticeProblemsAnswers - 6 A sine wave has a...

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IT420 Spring 2011 Practice Problems Solutions 1. As the message moves up from the network interface layer to the application layer in the destination host, headers are ______ . a. added b. removed c. rearranged d. modified 2. Client and server programs operate at which layer of the layered model? 3. What protocol might an e-mail client use to retrieve mail from a mailbox? 4. Sampling is used to a . convert analog data to a digital format b. convert digital data to an analog format 5. What is the difference between the accept and the connect calls in the socket API? Address what each does and where each is performed. You do not need to write code. Accept is done in the server to create a new temporary socket. Connect is done in the client to start a connection.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. A sine wave has a frequency of 5 KHz. What is the period? T = 1/5KHz = 0.2 msec 7. Encode the data stream 00111010 using Manchester line coding. Show the beginning and end of each bit time. Please be neat. Solution is to hard to create in word. See me. Sorry. 8. What is the maximum capacity (in bits per second) of a perfect channel which accepts frequencies between 1000Hz and 3000Hz and transmits a signal with four signal levels? capacity = 2 * BW * log 2 L = 2 * 2000 * 2 = 8000 bps 9. Assume that a channel accepts frequencies between 0 Hz and 4000 Hz and has a signal to noise ration measured at 7 (not in dB). What is the maximum information rate of the channel (in bits per second)? capacity = BW * log 2 (1 + SNR) = 4000 * log 2 (8) = 4000 * 3 = 12000 bps...
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Quiz1PracticeProblemsAnswers - 6 A sine wave has a...

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