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Implication Lecture and Reading Implication Name: Jin Woo Jung Course: IS245-001 Date: 9/11/2011 1. Implication for Week _3 _ a. Implication(s) of the Lecture and readings for this course – Chapter three is about hardware continued from chapter two. However, when chapter two focused covering processing hardware such as CPU, RAM, motherboard with fundamentals of computer languages, chapter three focused on covering storage hardware such as Hard Drives, Discs, Flash Memories, and other types of storage systems. Storage system characteristics are straight forward to understand that can be internal, external, or remote with storage technologies followed by magnetic, optical, or electrons. Nowadays, we commonly see two types of hard drives that we use it as internal and external to store most programs and data. Magnetic hard drives that read and write heads magnetize particles to represent the data’s 0s and 1s. And there are Solid-state drives (SSD) that use flash memory technology with less power and no moving
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Jin_Woo_Jung_Implication_paper_week_3 - Implication Lecture...

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