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Jin_Woo_Jung_Implication_paper_week_5 - Implication Lecture...

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Implication Lecture and Reading Implication Name: Jin Woo Jung Course: IS245-001 Date: 9/25/11 1. Implication for Week _5 _ a. Implication(s) of the Lecture and readings for this course – Chapter 5 covers the system software vs. application software. System software consists of the programs that coordinate the activities of computer systems that we call it Operating System (OS). Application software is programs that allow a user to perform specific tasks on computers. The operating system is primary system software that manages the systems of computer. The function of the operating system includes booting the computer, restarting computer, configuring devices and drivers, communicating, managing and monitoring computer resources, file management, and security. So the OS manages the computer in order to users to successfully control the computer by using application software. There are several types of OS in nowadays, such as OS for personal computers, servers, OS for mobile phones, and other devices. For personal
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