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Implication Lecture and Reading Implication Name: Jin Woo Jung Course: IS245-001 Date: 10/23/11 1. Implication for Week _9 _ a. Implication(s) of the Lecture and readings for this course – Chapter 8 started with Evolution of the Internet. The origin of the Internet dates back to the late 1960s with development called ARPANET, not INTERNET. The Arpanet went on before the development of World Wide Web, known as WWW that is the point where public started using the Internet. The Internet society is formed up with individual users and companies, such as ISPs and ASPs. In order to use the Internet today, we need direct connections by dial- up connections, cable, DSL, satellite, fixed wireless, mobile wireless or broadband over fiber. Also, there is Wi-Fi hotspot that individuals can access to the Internet. Searching the Internet is that web sites (WWW) enable users to search or gather information on the Internet. Usually users look for keywords and input to search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or else. The Internet can be used
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Jin_Woo_Jung_Implication_paper_week_9 - Implication Lecture...

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