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Implication Name: Jin Woo Jung Course: IS245-001 Date: 10/30/11 1. Implication for Week _ 10 _ a. Implication(s) of the Lecture and readings for this course – Chapter 9 focused on Network and Internet securities. It started with concerned about security concerns related to computers and Internet crimes. Because computer and networks are so widespread in nowadays that creates numerous possibilities on criminal chances. So, in order to prevent from crimes, knowing why computer users should be concerned about network security and what or how network criminals stole private information. Computer sabotage includes malware, such as viruses, works, Trojans and more, designed to cause harm to computer system or input unauthorized access, such as key logger, to gather personal information illegally. So, as we all know, protection program, anti-virus software, is the main shield from preventing theft. However, computer crimes getting educated and expertise, such as online
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Jin_Woo_Jung_Implication_paper_week_10 - Implication Name:...

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