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Implication Lecture and Reading Implication Name: Jin Woo Jung Course: IS245-001 Date: 11/13/2011 1. Implication for Week _ 11 _ a. Implication(s) of the Lecture and readings for this course – Chapter 11 is about e-commerce. The book describes e-commerce as the process of performing financial transactions online. In my own term, e-commerce is the business performed via the Internet. Also, there are another type of e- commerce growing rapidly is called m-commerce, which is mobile commerce, due to development of mobile industry. The benefits of e-commerce to businesses include reduced cost with maximized satisfactions by both consumers and producers. However, the disadvantages of e-commerce for businesses include losing sales when customers feed uncomfortable on transaction via Web sites. Also there is a lot of fraud going on that makes customers worry about security. There are models of e-commerce businesses which are business-to-consumer, business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, and business-to-government. As
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Jin_Woo_Jung_Implication_paper_week_11 - Implication...

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