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Jin_Woo_Jung_MGMT 390-Assignment 1 - Jin Woo Jung MGMT...

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Jin Woo Jung MGMT 390-451 Assignment 1 Business Trend in Management Information Systems Management Information System (MIS) is one of the core departments in any company that needs information to increase the profit higher and make an accurate judge or decision. According to making better revenue, MIS is deeply interacted with business nowadays. One of the best ways to gather data or information is to use internet, especially to the companies that have a base on internet business. An article “Are AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft desperate?” by Dan Mitchell of CNNMoney is great case to discuss the business trend in MIS industry. The article is discussing about three companies’ cooperation on their internet advertisement-business that Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL are planning to sell advertisement on their websites in the future. The collaboration is not yet operated, but they won’t announce it officially until they see how the criticism will be. A Microsoft spokesman said: “We believe that choice, openness and competition help drive innovation in the market. As such, we are always looking for ways to partner with others in the digital advertising ecosystem to offer innovative solutions that benefit advertisers and publishers. However we have nothing specific to share at this
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Jin_Woo_Jung_MGMT 390-Assignment 1 - Jin Woo Jung MGMT...

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