Eng 347 where are the plants #2

Eng 347 where are the plants #2 - Sabrina Baez ENG 347...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 347 4/2/2012 Where are all the Plants? #2 The Man behind GRASS It was finally happening; he had been waiting his whole life for an opportunity like this. All the sacrifices he had made, the grueling sleepless nights studying and researching had finally paid off. He had always been the “nerdy one”. Instead of participating in school dances or making friends in high school he was in the Environmental Club researching pesticides. He didn’t have time to be friendly in school, he knew the environment and world were heading for chaos and he wanted to be the one who saved the day. His lack of a social life paid off when he received a full ride to Berkeley, after graduating a year early as valedictorian of his class he immediately went on to get his PhD, and became the youngest graduating doctor in his class. He had done it. He had a life plan and it was finally coming into place. He had also finally met a woman who celebrated his eccentricity and who absolutely adored him. Things were finally looking up for Dr. Michael Kensington. He got the call while he was taking samples in the United Nations Laboratory. “Yes hello is this Dr. Kensington?” a woman’s voice asked. “Um yes this is he, how may I help you” he answered a little unsteadily, he never got phone calls while he was in the lab, how did they even know he was here? “This is Dr. Sheila Blake, the Director of the International Environmental Conservation Program, you my dear boy have quite an amazing resume and we would like you to come work on a project for us. You will have all the resources you require and you will be properly compensated once you succeed. I cannot further discuss the project over a public line so I would like you to come meet with me tomorrow at 8pm, I’m located in the top floor of the IECP building, my secretary will direct you once you agree to the confidentiality terms I have sent you via email” she finished her schpiel without even taking a breath, almost giving him no choice in the matter, it was a demand not a request. “Um yes ma’am” he replied, not quite sure why he suddenly felt like a child again. Sure enough he had gotten an email from IECP, giving him directions on what to do when he got there and privacy terms he had to print out and sign. He knew this was the big leagues. He had been trying to get in with IECP since he graduated and they had continuously been avoiding him. They were a very secretive yet prominent organization but lately they had been under fire due to the conditions of the natural world. Plants were depleting at an alarming rate and that on top of all the other problems in the world had reporters buzzing for answers as if the IECP could solve all the world’s crises. He was so excited for this opportunity he could hardly contain himself. He knew that this was his time to shine; he knew everything there was to know about the environment.
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Eng 347 where are the plants #2 - Sabrina Baez ENG 347...

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