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W13 Sheep FarmF08 - Number 422 Name Weidmaier, Olivia W5 HW...

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Number 422 Name Weidmaier, Olivia   W5 HW Sheep You can type into this document, print and turn in to 119 Kildee, or you can write out  your answers too.   You will not need to print the breed description table nor the pictures  that follow (to save ink).   I. Breeds The pictures of each are posted at the end of this document. An OSU website ( http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/ ) is a good one too for more information. You will also find other pictures and information at : http://www.sheepusa.org/ (American Sheep Industry Association). II. Draw a diagram that represents a “vertically integrated” production system. Use the following concepts in your production diagram. Note that the main stages in the diagram/cycle are in the first column. The animal that comes into (or out of) those stages are listed in the 3 rd column. The second column lists some major management practices. For the stage and the management practice, note when this management practice occurs typically on your diagram. Stage process animal in/out lambing 1 st vaccinations bred ewe weaning docking replacement ewe finishing (feeding) identification open ewe breeding castration finished market lamb gestation shearing feeder lamb harvest (slaughter) pregnancy check newborn lamb III . Sally is completely new to sheep production has asked what the differences are between the black face program and the white-faced program at the sheep farm. Help them out by noting below the key differences that need to be
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W13 Sheep FarmF08 - Number 422 Name Weidmaier, Olivia W5 HW...

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