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Chapter 13 - Promotion Promotion - communicating information bw a seller and buyer/channel members to influence attitudes/behavior. use several tools together to achieve a company’s overall promotion goals. tells the t/m that the right Product is available in the right Place at the right Price. Personal selling : direct spoken communication bw sellers and potential customers. Immediate feedback, adapt the 4Ps now. Sales force - very expensive to build, maintain. Mass selling : communicating with large numbers of potential customers simultaneously, t/m is large/dispersed (cheaper than PS), no immediate feedback. A. Advertising any paid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. tv, radio, magazines, billboards, direct mail, Internet. B. Publicity any unpaid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services. gets stories about company’s products in mass media w/o paying costs. A car company sent three automobile magazines some technical information and explanations about the features of its innovative new model. One of the magazines later printed a story about the car. Sales promotion : interest, trial, purchase (customers/channel members). not advertising, p/s, publicity. for consumers, middlemen, firm’s ee. Compliments PS and MS Ie: consumers: contests; coupons; aisle displays; free samples (expensive – d/b targets those w/ high interest); trade show displays; POP; banners; f/b programs; sponsored special events. Ie: middlemen: price deals; promotion allowances; sales contests; calendars; gifts; trade show displays; meeting sponsorships; catalogs; videos; merchandising aids. Ie: sales force: contests; bonuses; meeting sponsorships; customized portfolios; displays; sales aids; training materials. Implemented fast, get results sooner. Immediate results. More money is spent on sales promotion and personal selling than on mass media advertising. Each has strengths, weaknesses, and activities. Make a plan for the parts of the overall promo blend. Sales managers : manage personal selling. Building/maintaining channels of distribution/middlemen. may double as the marketing manager. Adv managers : manage mass selling, in-house advertising, outside agencies. can handle publicity public relations (PR)—communication with noncustomers, ie: labor, public interest groups, govt
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Sales promotion managers : manage the sales promotion effort. Marketing manager : Decides appropriate promotion blend and coordinates them. integrated marketing communications, firm can send a consistent and complete message. Promo Methods - different communication forms to encourage choosing product. Objective - affect behavior positively: (1) reinforcing attitudes/relationships leading to favorable behavior; (2) change attitudes/behavior of tm (DIFFICULT). Basic promo objectives: Informing, persuading, and reminding
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chapter 13 14 - Chapter 13 - Promotion Promotion -...

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