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Metabolism review checklist Campbell : chapter 8 Hillis : chapter 2 pages 29-31, chapter 3 pages 46-53, chapter 6 pages 101-102 Metabolism Metabolic pathways Catabolic pathway Anabolic pathway Energy: kinetic energy, heat, potential energy, chemical energy First law of thermodynamics Second law of thermodynamics Entropy Free energy (G), Free energy change ( G) G = H - T S G = G(final) – G(initial) Exergonic reaction Endergonic reaction ATP: structure and hydrolysis Energy coupling ATP hydrolysis coupled to cellular work: phosphorylation, phosphorylated intermediate ATP cycle Enzyme Catalyst Activation energy (E A ) Substrate Active site Induced fit Substrate specificity How enzymes lower activation energy Enzyme activity and temperature/pH Functional partners of enzymes: cofactors/coenzymes/prosthetic groups (don’t worry about knowing differences between these) Enzyme inhibitors: reversible, irreversible, competitive, noncompetitive Allosteric regulation of enzymes: activators, inhibitors
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