311C O-chem review

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Organic chemistry review checklist Campbell (7 th , 8 th and 9 th editions): chapter 4 pages 58-66 Hillis : chapter 2 page 2 Organic molecules Carbon Chemical groups: structure & properties Hydroxyl group Carbonyl group Ketone Aldehyde Carboxyl group Amino group Phosphate group Sulfhydryl group Methyl group Isomers Structural Geometric (cis-trans) Enantiomers Biomolecules exam skills 1. Explain why carbon (atomic # = 6) can form 4 covalent bonds. 2. Draw simple organic molecules with C, H, O and N given a molecular formula.
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to interpret simplified structural formulas. 3. Draw and identify structural isomers, geometric isomers and enantiomers. 4. Draw and identify the 7 chemical groups (-OH, -C=O, -COOH, -NH 2 , -SH, -OPO 3 2-and -CH 3 ). 5. Explain the properties of the 7 chemical groups and how they affect molecule structure/behavior/function....
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