Acting Response 2.2

Acting Response 2.2 - Dylan Abruscato 2/2/2012 1) What...

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Dylan Abruscato 2/2/2012 1) What significance do the arts play in a curriculum for a diverse classroom? Give some examples from each article and relate them to your own experiences if you have any. All classrooms, no matter the size, have some degree of diversification. Whether this diversification includes students with different seriocomic backgrounds, racial backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, or merely students of different gender or age, diversification in the classroom is always present. Due to this, dramas that promote racial and cultural awareness, dramas that teach children to withhold certain biases, and dramas that celebrate holidays and other observances are always a good idea. In “ Arts as Epistemology: Enabling Children to Know What They Know, ” the insect lesson was taught to eighteen children, all from different walks of life. The groups of children included a wide array of life experiences and various cultural differences and language barriers. As a result, this drama led the educators to realize that rather than labeling each other’s difference, drama enables us to celebrate them. Additionally, in “ Caving with Infants, ” some of the children had never done a drama before; some have. Some of the children were aware of caves and what geologists did; some were not. With a group of 60 children, there is always going to be diversity and variation with regards to levels of intelligence and experience. As a result, the
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Acting Response 2.2 - Dylan Abruscato 2/2/2012 1) What...

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