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Dylan Abruscato 11/15/2011 Dream Manifesto Rough Cut Assignment Rewards programs for the hungry To people who want to help out but cannot: Did you know that over 250 million pounds of food is thrown away each day? 1 Did you know that there are over 40 million people in America that live in hunger? 2 Hunger in America is inevitable, and my dream will enable anyone to help out and give back. My dream is to solve hunger in America by creating a punch-based giving program, in fast food franchises around the country. As opposed to a punch-based rewards program, my program would donate food to the hungry (not the customer) for every X amount of food purchased on the customer’s card. This dream is an easy way for people to give back that previously would not able to. This idea is targeting the lower to middle class people and granting them the effortless ability to give back. With the current trying economic times, nearly every franchise restaurant uses the technology of a rewards or loyalty programs. For example, the chain Jamba Juice has a rewards program of, “Buy 9 Smoothies, Get the
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