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Executive Summary - Executive Summary Enviromnemntal...

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Executive Summary Enviromnemntal Analysis o Average household size is 2.60 persons o Average family size is 3.19 persons o Median household income is $51,425 o Health Consciousness is rising: 52% say they exercise at least twice a week, up from 48% o The unemployment rate is 9.1% in the United States o Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for kids o More schools and workplaces are promoting healthy beverages and snacks Industry Analysis o Consists of beverages that help replenish the body with electrolytes and other important nutrients that are lost from exercise o Drinks are generally used to enhance sports performances and muscle recovery o Industry units sold are growing at a rate of 4.84% Total 40 billion gallons of beverages consumed in 2010 o 87,506,000 consumers in the sports drink market according to Simmons National Consumer Study o Recently, sports drinks are focused more on scientifically enhancing performance Studying and using special ingredients “Nutrient Timing”: strategically taking in nutrients at the appropriate time in
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order to be released at the time of need for action or recovery o In past 10 years, non-carbonated drinks grew from 40% to 65% of the North American beverage market Industry is expected to expand at an annual rate of .5% in 2011-2016 o The trend for healthy alternatives has led consumers to choose sports drinks over carbonated soft drinks Fruit juice losing popularity due to sugar content Diet drinks gaining popularity
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Executive Summary - Executive Summary Enviromnemntal...

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